Data Security

Fortified solutions that prevent and protect

Protecting your company’s mission critical information is more than just erecting a “firewall.” Creating a strong and cohesive data defense strategy in today’s mobile work environment presents a host of new challenges. From malicious insider attacks to BYOD access to casual security protocols, the threat vectors for business information systems continue to mount. Without a comprehensive analysis of all your data points, your business remains vulnerable to a myriad of internal and external attacks.

Altacent comes equipped with a proven track record, delivering powerful, simple-to-use and easy-to-administer solutions tailored to fit medium to enterprise level business organizations. We work from a policy level, implementing safeguards and best practices, as well as creating a governance model to allow those who need access while denying malicious intruders. We’ll identify unprotected company data, distributed across various networks, applications, storage sites and cloud services -- and we’ll recruit the right data security services and partners to keep you covered. By creating customized solutions with your systems and workflow in mind, you can move your company forward, knowing someone has your back.

  • Information Security & Privacy-by-Design
  • Control & Framework Development
  • Internal Audit Support
  • Assessment & Gap Analysis (Vendor, Compliance, Security)
  • Policies, Standards & Procedures
  • Incident Response Management & Escalation Processes



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