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Built on Performance, Driven by Passion

Altacent was founded on the notion that long range vision requires high level execution. The business ecosphere has become increasingly clouded with big talk and even bigger promises. Our focus is to cut through the clutter, rise above the business speak and focus on the actual project delivery. We’re committed to getting the job done right - on target, on time and on the money. With over 18 years of diverse IT, business strategy and enterprise level experience, we recruit top talent to customize solutions that solve core issues. Regardless of the type of project or industry, our job is to map out the most effective course of action to arrive at the best possible outcome.

Based in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, Altacent’s market reach extends to regional metros from Des Moines and Sioux Falls, as well as national business markets such as Dallas, Atlanta and NYC area.

Powered by passionate, committed staff, Altacent thrives on challenges that deliver both top and bottom line results. In a world built on relationships, we work with each client to create long lasting foundations that allow for continual, upward growth.



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