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Success Story 1

National Manufacturing Company

Business Problem: The client was struggling to keep up with the demand for their product lines impacting distributor satisfaction and sales.

Goal: To accelerate time to market for their web-based custom ordering system to keep pace with market demand, remain competitive, and ultimately increase sales.

Solution: Altacent’s team of experienced consultants completed a needs assessment and gap analysis focusing on team structure and development methodology. The team recommended an Agile methodology to improve their custom ordering system launch. Leadership agreed to partner with Altacent to form a scrum team focusing on building custom ordering systems. Altacent’s experienced resources focused on building the scrum team and positioning them for ongoing success.

Results: Implementing the Agile methodology resulted in significant improvements in time to market for their custom ordering systems. Increases in product demand are now being met and resources introduced through Altacent’s use of Agile methodology have been integrated into the company’s DNA.

Success Story 2

Fortune 100 – Financial Services and Credit Firm

Business Problem: Client needed to onboard a large broker-dealer onto their clearing and custody platform

Goal: To successfully and efficiently launch new brokerage platform.

Solution: Altacent’s team led the conversion and launch of a new brokerage platform as well as a new electronic account opening process to 11,000 licensed brokers

  • Provided a team of consultants that lead the program team and hundreds of project team members from 2 primary companies and numerous vendors
  • Roll out was launched in waves over a 4 week period to 11,000 licensed brokers a new brokerage platform
  • Developed automated workflows to handle increased new account applications and maintenance requests in the back office systems
  • Provided management consulting on best practices for brokerage operations

Results: The client successfully launched the new clearing and custody brokerage platform with technical and management support from the Altacent team. Communication and understanding were key in this initiative to deliver a seamless solution for the client.

Success Story 3

Large Health Insurance Company

Business Problem: Typical to most large organizations, the client’s current staff model emphasized a traditional “waterfall” methodology to address process improvement. However, with increased market pressures to innovate and remain competitive, the client was looking for faster and more efficient ways to run their business which included a strategic recruitment process.

Goal: To engage with an experienced partner that could help identify and align appropriate resources to meet company goals in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. This included identifying a Lead Scrum Master to lead two scrum teams and multiple product lines.

Approach: Knowing the demands of this client to find the best resources to meet their objectives, the Altacent team took a very deliberate and “surgical” approach to ensure the goals of the client were met. Our team of experts learned about client needs, key business drivers, team dynamics, leadership assessment, and company culture in order to successfully meet their recruitment goals.

Solution: Altacent created a multi-channel recruitment plan that included our vast partner network, LinkedIn Recruiter, and social media to successfully identify and place the right resources aligned to meet the client's needs.

Results: Client satisfaction for the performance of these assigned resources is extremely high. In fact, the performance is so positive that we are actively engaged with this client to assign additional resources including additional Scrum Masters and Product Owners.


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